Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Showcase: Authentic Student Work

All of our LPS buildings do great work.  This is the first of many posts to showcase our amazing LPS students and teachers that help guide them.

Authentic student work

Online Student Newsletter: Twain Times - January Edition
Just started this month, the Student Newsletter at Twain has begun with a Bang!  Initiated by students and guided by Laura McKone, this newsletter has everything to become a success.   Student authors are including opportunities for the entire Twain student body to feel like they have a voice.  Art Contests, Recipes, Student and Teacher Spotlights, Writing Contests and more.  
They even have a Debate section.  Their first Debate Topic was "Is technology taking over?".  They had persuasive writing pieces included that supported both sides of the topic, just like professional journals.  These future journalists understand how to connect and give voice to their audience.  Good Luck and I can't wait for the February Edition!

Online Student Morning Announcements: BLOG
Started in 2008 Twain has been creating daily Student Morning Announcements.  These announcements are led by students.  They highlight teachers, events, issues and give different students each day the opportunity to gain leadership and speaking skills.  Led by Liz Aucone this is one of the student led activities that really defines Twain.

Twain Elementary

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